Kangaroo Studies provides assistance from the very beginning starting from Pre-landing Services to Settlement Services covering all spheres in between like Post-landing Services, Immigration Services, Placement Assistance and Personality Development.
 "pradeep sharma"  

Kangaroo studies are good as they don't ask for any fees and all. The staff is very cooperating especially in Jalandhar from where I am consulting, I have been in touch with them since Feb 2006,and Their dealing is excellent.

"Ravi pal"

I am Sarbjit Kaur.I was a student in Kangaroo Studies IELTS Training Institute.

I am fully satisfied with the services provided here. I like the way of teaching of my teachers. I found her so friendly, helping and supportive. This institute gives us something in return. The sole aim of this institute is to provide good education to students.

Thanks –

Sarbjit Kaur

Branch- Jal KSITC

 The way of teaching of faculty in Kangaroo Studies IELTS training centre is very good. They is very co-operative and kind hearted. They help students in understanding their task. The infra structure of the institute is very good. There is discipline in the classes. They make much effort in their teachings. They always suggest students to work hard. They have friendly nature but as a teacher they always guide their students to follow and go ahead on right way. They have positive thinking and ask their student to be positive in life.
They call students those remain absent and take regular feedback of them.
Thanking you

 Ikmeet Singh

 Branch- Jal KSITC





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KSITC (Kangaroo Studies IELTS Training Centre)


KSITC i.e. Kangaroo Studies IELTS Training Center, is a place where an aspiring IELTS student enters empty handed but leaves IELTS qualified. Our undying desire to deliver knowledge to students not only helps them to conquer the exam, but also makes them expert users of the language so that they can master any exam, feel confident at all competitive levels and also travel globally without any hassles in communication; as most countries of the world are English speaking countries. KSITC does not only train for IELTS, but TOEFL as well. It also helps you in improving your personality, fluency, writing skills and gives you the rigor to face any interview.

Other features available for a must visit to KSITC for an IELTS or a TOEFL taker is that it provides the free of cost British Council Registration and ETS or TOEFL registration.

KSITC is working 12-13 hours a day, its open for 6 days a week. To add more to its strength we conduct seminars and presentations for students for their related courses at frequent intervals.

Foreign delegates, People from British Council visit frequently for updating students and staff with relevant tips.

Basics and fluency training reaching the pinnacle of its quality has given students self confidence and has made them stronger in taking English language as a need of the hour today.

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